Candy (cottoncandykane) wrote in eccentric_minds,

Hello Again Everyone.. i must put this in. i have to give my dog away and would like to find her a home that will love her. she is a border collie mix and is very sweet. she needs a place to run and someone to play with.. she is a medium size dog that just wants to play. i can't keep her because i am gettin ready to go off to college and my mommy does not want her to be lonely for 4 years. she hardly has anyone to play with as it is but she really needs someone who will be there for her.
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Here She is. Her name is Peaches.
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she is sweet and needs a home where she can run and have someone to play with. like i said, i can not keep her because i am not going to be able to take care of her from 4 hours away. *tear*
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if you need any additional information visit my journal. as you probably know my name is Cottoncandykane. my formal name is candy. i would love to find peaches a good home. Thank you.

well thats about it for now. thanks.
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