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eccentric_minds's Journal

slightly off center.
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Welcome to eccentric_minds, a place of delightful merriment. If you have any questions, they shall be answered here.

♥ This is absolutely not a silly rating community. Everyone who joins becomes a member. The only way that you can ever be removed from this community is if you're just a horrible horrible person.

♥ It is, however, always nice to for members to get to know one another. It is not required but is enjoyed if you say "hello" and give yourself a little introduction after joining. Tell everyone about your favorite movies and whatnot. Whatever you're in the mood to say.

♥ What's the purpose of the community, you ask? Well, a while back, there was a community called ohhhh_yeah. It started out with good intentions, but there really wasn't much structure, and it wasn't planned out well in the area of being able to keep people interested. Nobody wants a community that nobody's interested in, so since I have far too much free time, I've created a newer, fresher community.

♥ Rather than being a community about nothing, this community is about the celebration of eccentricity. It has structure, but it's a subject that's still broad enough to bring in a variety of posts.

♥ What should you post about? Post things that interest you. If you just saw a really bad movie and you'd like to see what others thought about it, post it here. Did you hear or record a catchy song that you'd like to share with everybody? Post it here. Have an unhealthy love for moose? Tell us about it. Do you have poll that you'd like to conduct? Would you like to spark a bit of debate? Post those things here. Have you made a short film? By all means, show us. Basically, this is a show and tell community for interesting people.

♥ I am exquisitegeek, this community's maintainer. To keep things alive, I'll be sure to pop in and post something of interest from time to time. Don't let the community die.

♥ In spirit of not letting the community die, we really need members. The more members, the more exciting this tacky little place will be. Tell your friends.

♥ Want to be annoying and leave promotion banners in people's livejournals? Yes, you do!

(Simply right click, "save as", and upload it to your own image host.)

♥ Want to link to us on your website or livejournal? Use this charming little button:

♥ Do you have any ideas about how this community could be better? Don't hesitate to share your thoughts and concerns.

♥ The only rule is that you write properly. This means no things that come anywhere close to looking like "2day" or "bcuz". If you type like an idiot, you'll be treated accordingly.

♥ I believe I've covered everything, but if I forgot something, feel free to ask.