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Summer Boredness.

-x-Have you done any of these in the past 6 months?-x-
[drive] yeah...once hahhh
[dance] nope
[kiss someone that you aren't related to] noooope
[wear make-up] nope
[dye your hair] mmm.. probably not in the last 6 months
[go shopping] yes of course lol
[go on a vacation to another country] crap no i wish
[listen to music] it's my life :)
[stay up till 12 a.m. or later] yep
[sleep over] yeah
[go to movies] yes
[get an autograph from a celebrity] hahhh no
[go to a school dance] nope
[gave somebody a present] hmm.. maybe.. not sure lol
[spend time with a senior citizen] yes lol
[talk on phone] yeah
[download something on the computer] yep
[watch a music video] yeah i guess so lol
[go over a friend's house] yeah

-x-Do you prefer?-x-
+ coke or pepsi? pepsi
+ watching TV or listening to music? music
+ cell phones or AIM? aim lol
+ kisses or hugs? hugs
+ bubble gum or sugar free gum? bubble gum!
+ coffee or tea? both is gross
+ McDonalds or Burger King? once again, both is gross
+ night or day? night
+ summer or winter? winter's prettier but i like warm weather lol
+ Pac Sun or American Eagle? ae

+ If you were asked out to the movies,what would you see? star warssssss ahah because i haven't seen it yet
+ How long would your ideal first kiss be? idk? lol
+ What do you want in your dream guy? oh i most definitely already have one ;p (right, lauren?)
+ What holidays would you spend with your dream guy? i guess all of them as long as he'd be okay with hanging out with my familyyyyy haha
+ What do you picture as a perfect wedding? beachyness or big pretty church or vineyard in italy :) ahah
+ Would you want an older or younger guy? older
+ Who is the hottest celebrity? jared leto or john patrick icantspellhislastname

H a v e Y o u E v e r . . .
Done Drugs: Nope
Ran away From Home: No
Hit A Boy: my brother? lol
Stolen Anything: not that i recall
Broken A Bone: nope
Cheated On A Test: well yeah, lol
Lied: yep
Cheated On A Boyfriend: nope
Gotten Drunk: ew no
Been With Two guys/girls At Once: surely not.
Been In The Hospital: no i don't think so lol
Let a friend cry on your shoulder: yeah i think i don't know
Gone to Church: yep
Never slept during a night: a couple times. one that i can actually remember lol
Ever been on a motorcycle or motorbike: nooooo and not going to
been to a camp: yeah
Sat in a restaurant w/o ordering: yes yesterday but other people ordered lol
Seen someone die: no
Gone a week w/out shaving: yeah lol during winter
Didn't wash your hair for a week: ew no
Broken something valuable: probably lol
Thought you were in love: never thought. knew/know.
Streaked the streets: nope lol
Screamed at someone for no reason: well of course lol
Said I love you and meant it: yes
Been hurt by a guy/girl you loved: umm. nope
Stayed up till 4 am on the phone: hm.. 3am-ish
Pulled a prank? i dunno
Made fun of someone? all the time lol

I n t h e l a s t 4 8 h o u r s h a v e y o u . . .
cried: yes
bought something: yes
Gotten Sick: nope
said I love you: yesss :D
wanted to tell someone you loved them but didn't: nope
met someone new: no i don't think so
moved on: nope
talked to someone: lol yeah
had a serious talk: yeah i think
missed someone: yes
hugged someone: umm.. maybe i don't know lol
kissed someone: no
fought with your parents: no
dreamed about someone you can't be with: ;(
had a lot of sleep: yeah

1. Do you wear spike bracelets? no
2. Do you wear jelly bracelets? no
3. Do you wear converse? of course! :)
4. Do you wear black nail polish? no lol
5. Do you wear band t-shirts? yes sometimes
6. Do you wear skateboard companies? nope
7. Do you wear surfing companies? mm no
8. Do you wear dirtbike companies? no
9. Do you wear striped shirts? yeah
10. Do you wear solid polo shirts? yeah
11. Do you wear chokers? no
12. Do you wear lock necklaces? no
13. Does it take you five minutes or less to do your hair? no more like 20 minutes lol
14. Do you wear eyeliner? no
15. Do you use a backpack or messenger bag? school is most definitely out
16. Do you wear darker colors? yeah lol
17. Do you wear neon colors? no lol
18. Do you wear 'what's in' or stick with your old jeans? i like my jeans. hah
19. Do you wear sweatshirts and jeans? all the time lol
20. Do you wear knee socks? ahah yes all the time. they keep me warm.

21. Do you have character shoe laces? nope
22. Do you have drumsticks but don't play? noooope
23. Do you have guitar pics but don't play? i have a guitar and guitar pics but i don't play lol
24. Do you have the Nightmare Before Christmas on tape or DVD? nope
25. Do you have the Breakfast Club on tape or DVD? WELL FREAK YES I DO <3
26. Do you have 16 Candles or Pretty in Pink on tape or DVD? BOTH OF THEM <3 (16 candles on DVD AND VHS)
27. How many CD's do you own? a bunch but a lot are mixed
28. How many DVD's do you own? of my own about 25ish
29. How many tapes do you own? a bunch lol
30. How many piercings do you have? ears
31. How many tattoos do you have? ew

32. Do you write your name a million different ways on 1 blank sheet of paper? no lol
33. Do you draw a lot of pictures of hearts? no lol
34. Is the volume on anything that plays music in your house really loud? no
35. Do you stay up late to watch Invader Zim? um no lol
36. Do you sing out of key purposely when your hyper? nope
37. When a song comes on you like do you rock out? depends on what it is
38. Do you push buttons multiple times? sometimes lol
39. Do you draw with white out on a lot of stuff? not really
40. Do you color your nails with sharpies? no lol
41. Do you sit there listening to songs and relate the lyrics to your life? sometimes
42. Do you pick one song and learn all the lyrics? not really
43. Do you daydream a lot? yep
44. Do you share lockers with your friends? i shared mine with megan w. this year. never sharing a locker again lol
45. Are you distracted by shiny objects? lol sometimes
46. Do you know where every sharp object is in your house? no
47. Do you play DDR constantly? i suck at it haha
48. Do you write on your skin with pen? noo
49. Do you bite your nails? no
50. Do you update your live journal daily? nope not really
51. Do you have more guy then girl friends? mmm yeah i think so but i don't really hang out with all of them lol
52. Watch FUSE 24/7? no lol
53. Do you have a favorite pillow? no
54. Do you have oversized stuffed animals? no
55. Are you secretly in love with your friends older brother? nope
56. Do you play with lighters? nope
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